Getting to the Tenant Detail Screen

From the Tree View:

  1. Expand Occupancy Management
  2. Select Tenants
  3. Then Select New Tenant
  4. Or you can Search for an Existing Tenant*

* either by, Tenant Name, Tenant Occupied Property, or Main Agent Last Name...Then click SEARCH

 Then select from the list that generates

Adding a New Tenant

In the Tenant Detail Screen:

  1. Enter in the Resident Name (Prospect or Current)
  2. Select the Main Agent Name from the Drop-down list
  3. Enter in the Initial Inquiry Date and the Date Needed
  4. Enter in their Current Square-footage and the NeededSquare-footage they are in the market for.
  5. Select a Team Member Category from the Drop-down list
  6. Select a Business Type from the Drop-down list of categories
  7. Select a Submarket Category from the Drop-down list
  8. Then Click SAVE