Listing Inquiry

Create or Search for a Tenant

From the Tree View:

  1. Expand Occupancy Management
  2. Select Tenants
  3. Then Select New Tenant
  4. Or you can Search for an Existing Tenant*

* either by, Tenant Name, Tenant Occupied Property, or Main Agent Last Name...Then click SEARCH

 Then select from the list that generates

How to Add a Listing Inquiry to a Prospective Tenant

From the Tenant Detail Screen:

Once you have created or pulled up an existing Prospective Tenant...

  1. Select the Property they are interested in from your drop-down list of inventory
  2. Enter in the Previous Occupant Name
  3. Enter in any Comments
  4. Then Select the Status Level for the Contact from the Drop-down list
  5. Enter in the Inquiry Date for that property
  6. Enter in the Conditions
  7. Then Click ADD ENTRY

* Note:

a. Once the Listing Inquiry Entry is added, the information will appear below

b. Any changes can be made to Listing Entry and the updates will be saved by Clicking SAVE BELOW

c. Click DELETE ENTRY to remove the contact from the system