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Report (8) Available Lease Profiles

This Report is used to generate an Available Lease Profile to be used to generate a Flyer to promote a Suite for Lease Availability.

The recommended file format for this report is as a PDF (.pdf) file, however, you can also generate a Word (.doc) file or an Excel (.xls) file

  • As a Word (.doc) file the statement will generate for (1) owner per page
  • As an Excel (.xls) file this will place the information in cell formatting for each statement. Can be used for .csv file imports.
  • As a PDF (.pdf) file this will appear the same as the Word (.doc) file format, but will not be editable.

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Open the Suite Detail

From the Tree View"

1. Select Properties

2. Choose a Property from the list that generates, or

a. Select an Existing Property from the Drop down list

b. Search by entering in any of the allowed Filters; Sublease; Entered From and Entered To Dates; Address information

c. Then, click SEARCH

3. Then, select Floors and Suites for the Property you selected

4. From the Floor & Suite Management, Select the View Link to open the correct Suite

Fill in the Sub Lease & Lease Availability Detail

From the Suite Detail:

  1. Select Add Lease Availability
  2. Select the Bubble to attach a Picture/Floor Plan
  3. Click on BROWSE, then select a file from the window that opens on your computer.
  4. Then, click on Assign File to Below Selected *
  5. Next, you will want to fill in all the fields of information
    1. Suite Number of Sublease or Lease Availability
    2. Tenant Name
    3. Landlord Name
    4. Square Footage of Available Space
    5. Lease Available Beginning Date
    6. Lease Available Expiration Date
    7. Lease Rate
    8. Additional Rent
    9. Operational Cost
    10. Notes
    11. Availability Date
    12. Inducements
    13. Available Lease Term
    14. Net Rent Amount
    15. Lease Type
  6. Then Checkmark Available
  7. Save this, by clicking Update Records Edited Below


*  A View link will appear once a file is attached to line which was selected by filling in the File Bubble for that Record. Simply click on the View link to view the file that has been attached.

**  Any Record can be deleted by simply clicking on the Delete link to the right of the line item.

Report (8)

From the Tree View:

  1. Select Reports
  2. Select the Report you want to Run
  3. Select the Property Address from the list that Generates, or you can select multiple properties
  4. Enter in a Description for the Report (optional- will display at the top of the report)
  5. Select the File Format (either, PDF, Word DOC, or Excel XLS,)
  6. Select To Print Cart to add this report in the Print Cart (optional)
  7. Then click RUN REPORT

Note: A separate window will open where you can View, Print or Save the document. (If it does not, please enable pop-ups. Instructions on how to do this can be located by clicking here )

* Now click Print Cart from the menu at left. In there, you will see all documents you have placed in the cart. Select one or several of your items and then click View/Print. This will combine your items into a singular document.

Print Cart Options: If you wish to run several reports, but want to print them all at once or combine them into a single PDF document, choose the PDF format, check To Print to Cart and then click Run Report. Your report will be placed in the print cart queue.

File Cabinet Options: You can choose to save a copy of your consolidated document in your file cabinet by selecting a File Cabinet Category and assigning it a name.

Report - Available Lease

Report - Available Lease

Report Navigation:

  1. Subject Property Profile Picture
  2. Subject Property Building Name
  3. Subject Property Street Address
  4. Property Characteristics
  5. Property Features
  6. Lease Type
  7. Suite Floor Plan / Picture (added in Sublease & Lease Availability in Suite Detail)
  8. Lease Terms
  9. Suite Number
  10. Available Square Footage

Header & Footer Information:

a. Company Logo

b. Office Name and Contact information

c. Page Number of Report