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Stacking Plan Layout Orientation

The following Layout Presented below outlines the major components of the Stacking Plan. Once you are familiar with these components you will be able to edit and even customize them by using the Formatting options available on the Stacking Plan Detail Page.

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For more information on Creating and Managing your Stacking Plan click the following links

Creating and Labeling a Stacking Plan

Formatting and Editing a Stacking Plan

Printing the Stacking Plan

Navigating the Stacking Plan

Stacking Plan Orientation

1. Plan Title

2. Plan Image

3. Floor Order

4. RSF - Rented Square Footage

5. VSF - Vacant Square Footage

6. Floor

7. Suite

8. Color Coded Year Scheme

  1. Year
  2. Rented Square Footage
  3. % of Property

9. Floor Summary

10. Plan Notes


* Note: These 3 links are not included on the stacking plan when it is printed.Within the stacking plan itself, you will see 3 links per cell.

D - Suite Detail

F - Cell Formatting Options

DF - Delete Formatting of Custom Suite Formatting Options for just this cell.