Cloning a Stacking Plan

When it is necessary to create multiple formats of the Stacking Plan for a Property it is best to Clone an existing Stacking Plan and modify the new copy. This way you can have many saved versions for the Same Property rather than have to modify the original saved version.

You may want to set up one Stacking Plan based on a Year of Lease Expiration

While another one can be set up for Vacancy based on Square Footage / % use of Building

Still another can be a Black and White Preset version as opposed to a Color version (for different print or copy applications)

Click Here to Watch a Video Tutorial

Opening a list of Existing Stacking Plans

From the Tree View:

  1. Select Properties
  2. Select Stacking Plans from the proper property from the list that generates

Cloning a Stacking Plan

From the Stacking Plans Screen:

  1. Click Clone for the proper Stacking Plan you want to copy
  2. Click OK from the confirmation pop-up window

Note: the Cloned Stacking Plan will be added to the list of Stacking Plans for this Property.