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Property Detail Orientation

The following Layout Presented below outlines the major components of the Property Detail Screen. Once you are familiar with these components you will be able to edit them by using the options available.


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Creating and Managing Floors of a Property

Creating and Managing Suites of a Floor within a Property

Property Detail Overview

Property Detail Orientation

1. Account Login information

2. Tree Navigation

3. Header Navigation

4. Property Detail Information

  1. Property Name
  2. Address
  3. Main Listing Broker / Agent
  4. Property Type
  5. Total Square Footage
  6. Latitude & Longitude (for Map)
  7. Landlord Name
  8. Parking Ratio
  9. Year Built
  10. Number of Floors
  11. HVAC
  12. Special Amenities
  13. Avg. Floor Size
  14. Operating Costs
  15. Listing Title

5. Picture of Property

6. Sub Market Category

7. Property Features

8. Map of Location

9. New Property Contact Information

  1. Company Name
  2. Contact First Name
  3. Contact Last Name
  4. Type of Contact
  5. Address, City, State, Zip
  6. Contact Email
  7. Phone1
  8. Phone2
  9. Fax Number

10. Saved Property Contacts

      * Can be edited and then click “Save Below” to update information

11. Floor and Suite Data Importing

  1. Desktop file import
  2. Excel file import