Print Cart

The print cart is a module that will enable you to better manage the printing of documents generated in this system.

As you create stacking plans and generate reports, you will want to print those items. You can either send those items directly to your printer, or you can send them to your print cart, which is like a print queue.

From within your print cart, you can print items individually or you can print them together where they will be compiled into a singular PDF document that you can either send to your printer, save on your computer or even assign to your file cabinet for historical reference.

 Click here to View a Video Tutorial

Print Cart Options

From the Tree View:

  1. Select Print Cart
  2. Checkmark which Files, listed in Cart, that you would like to Print *(Checkmark Check All to select all listed files)
  3. To Store a Copy in your File Cabinet, Choose a Category from the Drop Down List (Skip this step, if you do not want to save a copy to your File cabinet.)
  4. When saving a copy to your File Cabinet, Enter a File Description for this PDF Print File.


** To remove All Items from your Print Cart, click CLEAR PRINT CART